Our Ohana & Beach Boys

Aloha Beach Service was founded by Harry S. Robello. Born in Honolulu in 1917. He was the last of the original, (Waikiki Beach Boys). Aloha Beach Services has been a family run business since 1959.

Pua Kealoha, one of the original beach boys, took Harry, at age 15 and introduced him to the beach boy way of life in 1932. That way of life ended for Harry in April of 2004 at the age of 86.

In 1962 Harry, married Barbara Kahanamoku. Her father, Bill Kahanamoku, had two sisters and five more brothers, one of them was the legendary (Duke Kahanamoku), the father of surfing.

Barbara, like Harry , spent most of her life on Waikiki Beach. The beach life also ended for Barbara in August of 2004 at the age of 72.

In 1983 their oldest son Harry D. Robello, nick name Didi, took over the family business. Didi is a 2nd, generation beach boy and is a 3rd, generation Kahanamoku. He has one brother and one sister.

Aloha Beach Services has been operating at the same location longer than any other beach service on Waikiki, and can still be found at the same location.

Waikiki is in our blood, it's not a part of our family, it is our family. We have been sharing our family with all, and hope we can share it with you.

Aloha, DIDI.